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Restylane 1x1ml



Restylane 1x1ml

Restylane 1x1ml is one of the leaders in the global market for contouring. The drug is “obedient”, and the aesthetic effect is also always predictable. This high-purity hyaluronic acid based filler is used to create natural and natural volume in various areas of the face, correct wrinkles, eliminate nasolabial folds and add volume and beautiful contour to the lips.

Injected subcutaneously and also eliminates medium-depth wrinkles in the following areas:

  • lips as well as chin;
  • nasolabial triangle;
  • cheekbones as well as eyelids (crow’s feet);
  • Hands;
  • lips – an increase in volume and contour correction;
  • possible introduction to other areas with the presence of wrinkles as well as  stretch marks.

    After the introduction of the drug may however cause the following side effects:

    • slight itching
    • redness or discoloration at injection sites,
    • puffiness
    • hematoma,
    • slight bleeding in places of papules.




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