Pluryal Volume Lidocaine 1x1ml



Pluryal Volume Lidocaine 1x1ml

Pluryal Volume Lidocaine 1x1ml – an innovative hyaluronic filler used to restore facial structures in deep dermis. Pluryal® Volume Lidocaine is also used to enlarge the cheeks and lips, the nose, and the chin or back of the hand. The product contains Lidocaine, a powerful anesthetic for even more comfortable application.

Package contains:

  • 1 x 1 ml syringe

Effects of Pluryal® Volume Lidocaine:

  • Shapes nose as well as  chin
  • Increases your lips and creations
  • It forms the back of her hand

How long will the result be seen?

Results can be seen immediately after treatment. Results may generally last 12-16 months. The durability of the result also depends on the individual lifestyle.




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