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Diode Laser Machine BM100



Diode Laser Machine BM100

Diode Laser Machine BM100

Powerful and efficient laser hair removal equipment with the ability to treat different types of skin. This kind of treatment is simple and quick and can be carried out at any time of the year. Get a smooth and soft skin in short time.

By incorporating multiple wavelengths and laser technologies, BM100 is able to treat a wide range of customers and types of hair in a fast and effective way throughout the year.

By combining the benefits of the sapphire wavelength and the advantages of the laser diode, BM100 offers the most advanced technology for hair removal. This method is known as “Gold Standard” and it is effective, fast, convenient and safe for all skin types of the Fitzpatrick scale.


The diode laser hair removal system applies a beam of light and heat in the melanin of the hair follicles. The pigment absorbs the laser energy and is destroyed, inhibiting hair growth in the hair follicles affected. The laser energy will not damage the surrounding skin.


  • Painless.
  • Cooling system by simultaneous contact.
  • Suitable for a wide range of skin types.
  • Results obtained in half the time of other treatments available on the market.


  • Wavelength: 808 nm
  • Pulse width: 5-400 ms
  • Frequency: 1-10 Hz
  • Energy density: 0~120 J/cm2
  • Cooling: TEC + sapphire -5 ºC -+5 ºC
  • Laser window: 15×15
  • Volume of cooling liquid: 4 L
  • Flow rate of headpice: 3.5 ~ 4.0 L/min
  • Display: Touch LCD display 8”
  • Room temperature: 5-40 ºC
  • Input power: 220/110 VAC – 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions (cm): 115 x 38 x 60
  • Weight: 49 kg
  • Handle: 30,000,000 shots (approx.) before it needs changing


  • Handpice.
  • Funnel.
  • Power cable.


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