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Dermafill Global Xtra 1x1ml



Dermafill Global Xtra 1x1ml

Dermafill Global Xtra 1x1ml is a dermal filler consisting of cross-linked sodium hyaluronate of non-animal origin. Designed for the correction of fine wrinkles and folds, the periorbital area and lip contour, as well as filling small skin defects. DERMAFILLR Global Xtra consists of medium-sized “soft” particles for the natural correction of superficial and medium wrinkles.

The unique X-LAB technology allows a multi-stage process of stitching long chains of high molecular weight HA using as many physical connections as possible. Therefore, the use of chemical bonds (BDDE <1 μM / ML *) and high temperatures is
reduced to a minimum.

Advantages of DERMAFILL fillers:

  • quality standards confirmed by GMP, ISO, CE certificates
  • raw materials that meet strict pharmaceutical standards
  • efficacy and safety proven by a number of clinical studies
  • minimization of pain when the drug is administered due to the quality of cross-linking and a comfortable pH level of 7.0
  • minimal risk of side effects due to low endotoxin and BDDE
  • maximum integration in tissues due to optimal size and homogeneity of molecules
  • perfect balance of elasticity, volumetric indicators and duration of effect
  • long biodegradation period
  • instant modeling effect due to high plasticity of the gel
  • long smoothing action

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