Buy Yvoire Contour 1x2ml



Buy Yvoire Contour 1x2ml

Buy Yvoire Contour 1x2ml

Increase facial tissue by injection into the subcutaneous and supraperiosteal layers of the face. Also generally used for the treatment of wrinkles and deep facial folds. As well as for the filling of volume defects, facial lipoatrophy and correction of imperfections of the facial contour.

Composition of the Yvoire Contour

Cross-linked hyaluronic acid 22 mg / mL

Average particle size

1400 μm

Molecular weight

3 million Daltons


Subcutaneous as well as supraperiosteal.


  • Filled with volume defects
  • Facial lipoatrophy
  • Very deep facial folds and also correction of imperfections.


17 months

Recommended microcannula

22G 50 mmm


1 syringe prepared of 2.0mL. 
Includes 2 thin-walled Terumo needles, one of 21G and one of 23G.


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