About Us

About Us

Prime Dermal Care is a global supplier of top quality dermal fillers as well as other related products.

Also we aim at meeting a great range of challenges faced by many cosmetic professionals, clinics and physicians. Hence providing them with top quality products to meet their desired requirement with ease and the best wholesale prices available.

We do provide first class quality products and service to many cosmetic professionals across the globe.

Prime Dermal Care is the prime supplier/wholesaler/ distributor of Aesthetic, Dermal fillers, Orthopedic and Cosmetic Supplies

Why Choose Prime Dermal Care?

  • Top Quality Products
  • Multiple globally approved dermal filler brands like Juvederm, Princess, Ellanse and Restylane.
  • We also Offer Shipping Worldwide
  • Best Product and Discount Prices
  • We offer a wide range of dermal fillers